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  • Examples of yarn
    1. Leave the yarn in the dye overnight so the color soaks through.
    2. to cloud yarn
    3. That concertina was a wonder in its way. The handles that was on it first was wore out long ago, and he'd made new ones of braided rope yarn. And the bellows was patched in more places than a cranberry picker's overalls.
    4. This loom weaves yarn into sweaters.
    5. God's sake, speak her fair and canny, or we will have a raveled hasp on the yarn-windles!
    6. prespun yarn
  • Examples of yarns
    1. After the holy-stone, comes the squill-gee; a wooden instrument like a hoe, but with a face, broad and flat, and lined with leather: the decks are partly dried with it; and the operation is completed by the swabs, articles formed by tying a number of loose yarns together, now dashed, by their handles, with violence about the deck.
    2. By the way, I hate horror yarns. Tough, but there is nothing to be done about it. You might start your own zine, if you want horror stories. Or send your manuscripts to SHIVERS or one of the other fanzines specializing in that branch of fantasy. This is a stfanzine.
    3. The salvagee or sub-division system is intended to remove this objection. The gradual and progressive re-action, which forms a distinctive character of this system, generates the strongest adhesion of the twists, or component parts of the rope, . (which at the same time are in spiral directions) nearly parallel; and of consequence, with a power but fractionally inferior to a combination of yarns parallel to each other.
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