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  • Examples of treatment
    1. Perhaps omitting Weber from footnotes is intended to avenge his backhanded treatment of the American Puritans (and by extension their academic champions), whom he virtually ignored—albeit with unhappy consequences for his own work.
    2. For candidal vaginitis, various regimens of topical antifungal agents are the mainstay of treatment.
    3. Under the most favorable circumstances a period of from six weeks to two months will be necessary for the treatment, before the formation of the cicatricial callus and the establishment of a firm union between the tendinous stumps.
    4. They applied a conductant to his scalp in preparation for the electric shock treatment.
    5. coseasonal treatment of hay fever
    6. doglike treatment
    7. The patient was in a fair condition after some treatment. ‎
    8. The described anti-DS antibodies might contribute to the future development of glycomimetics, which may ultimately lead to a better treatment of selected renal nephropathies and prevention of renal rejection.
  • Examples of treatments
    1. The results represent the mean ± S.E. of tetraplicate experimental treatments (n = 4).
    2. The main treatments now for osteoporosis are drugs called bisphosphonates, like Actonel, Boniva and alendronate, the generic version of Merck’s Fosamax.
    3. Since the development of fiber optics, treatments utilizing catheterization have replaced some former surgical procedures.
    4. This latest discovery should eventually lead to much better treatments for disease.
    5. The Ancients widely regarded linseed as a source of medical treatments
    6. She started out requesting microdermabrasion facial treatments and has since added Botox shots and Restylane filler injections to her medspa repertoire.
    7. Second, some of the precultures used by Iglesias-Rodriguez et al., particularly those in high-CO2 treatments, may have experienced nutrient limitation at the time of transfer to the experimental flasks.
    8. Over-the-counter ED treatments are a poor substitute for prescription sex drugs or good old weed.
    9. Cancer survivors who got radiation treatments as children have nearly twice the risk of developing diabetes as adults.
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