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    1. The scenes are connected more visually than causally, through repeated motifs and — the greatest weapon in Mr. Bava's stylistic arsenal — a resolutely irrealistic use of color.
    2. It was no less than Valencia deserved after dominating possession in the final 20 minutes although Chelsea defended resolutely and restricted the Spanish side to shooting from long range.
    3. Unfortunately, these–as well as more recent ones like the important [40 ]–are resolutely craniocentric, mostly disregarding the hyobranchium, the postcranial skeleton and the soft tissues.
    4. When, on a special occasion, they dined together at the Ritterhalle, she did not even look at the menu but lionheartedly ordered a single dropped egg and a cup of tea and resolutely kept her eyes away from Sue's boiled beef and fritters.
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