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    1. When transplanted in the liver parenchyma of partially hepatectomised mice, Liv2-sorted cells showed regional and heterogeneous engraftment in the injected lobe.
    2. The three AD cases showed distinct differences in regional THK5117 binding that were also observed in tau immunohistopathology as well as in clinical presentation.
    3. The regional climate is humid mesothermal, with a hot summer and well distributed rainfall throughout the year (Cfa in Köppen-Geiser’s classification [32 ]).
    4. First, we improved resolution to produce more satisfying regional boundaries (better approximation of curves) by reslicing the atlas into 0.5 mm space before splitting it into slices in each of the three orthogonal directions.
    5. Other reports have shown that a missing excitatory pathway of hypocretin neurons to sublaterodorsal tegmental nucleus, one of regional areas inferred to be associated with RWA, might be associated with the formation of RWA in narcolepsy[43 ].
    6. These are not minor issues because the regional extinctions of small mammals are a widespread phenomenon in southern South America and have involved several sigmodontine and caviomorph rodent species.
    7. However, among the Bidayuh indigenous population of Sarawak (East Malaysia), NPC incidence rates are the highest when compared to other cancers and this is an example of a regional hotspot that adds to the skewedness of this disease.
    8. Over the last decade, the Queensland Telepaediatric Service (QTS) at the COH has provided telepaediatric services to most regional centres across Queensland for a broad range of paediatric subspecialist services.
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