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  • Examples of region
    1. The article offered a snapshot of life in that region.
    2. In this region the average spraint number per site is 3.9.
    3. Overt subterfuge in a region nearly caused a minor accident.
    4. Nine riders [ … ] dropped out with injuries sustained in two crashes during the 136km trip from suburban Adelaide through the Clare Valley winegrowing region to Victor Harbour on the coast.
    5. The government has called for an end to hostilities in the region.
    6. [ … ] if the principle of utility is good for anything, it must be good for weighing these conflicting utilities against one another, and marking out the region within which one or the other preponderates.
    7. The British reassumed control of the region.
    8. Because the topography and development of the land changed so much in the floods, the region had to be remapped.
  • Examples of regions
    1. CD105 Thy1- progenitor populations derived from regions of the fetal mandible or calvaria that do not undergo endochondral ossification formed only bone without marrow in our assay.
    2. While choronology refers to the study of time, chorology refers to the study of regions/places. - "Place, A Short Introduction", by Tim Cresswell
    3. Even when a mere child I began my travels, and made many tours of discovery into foreign parts and unknown regions of my native city, to the frequent alarm of my parents, and the emolument of the town crier.
    4. And for Sundays, after a night spent entertaining friends at home, she prepares a briny, squid-infused version of encebollado, a soup popular in Ecuador’s coastal regions.
    5. In fact, these subtelomeric regions are sites of marked genomic plasticity and appear to serve as nurseries for generating new genes and enhancing genetic diversity.
    6. The herpetofaunas of the two regions reflect the differences in their geological histories.
    7. But the steward of those nether regions marked him, by the electric lamps, as a lurking passenger to be watched; and wondered who, at that depth in the ship, could be carrying valuables.
    8. The rash of celebrities flashing their nether regions worries Peter Post, director of the Emily Post Institute of etiquette and manners.
    9. An article last month in The Daily News talked about Enoteca Maria, a restaurant in Staten Island that has no professional chef, just a rotating roster of eight nonnas, or grandmothers, from different regions of Italy.
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