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  • Examples of name
    1. Think twice about playing for cash because "Poker" is her middle name.
    2. I misprinted his name on the invitation. He's called James, not Jambes.
    3. She found the constant mispronunciation of her name very annoying.
    4. Most moonfish are silvery (hence their name), others yellowish
    5. The moonseeds bear black crescent-shaped (hence their name) fruits
    6. [John Whitman] came over in the True Love in 1640 to America and lived in Weymouth, Mass., which place became the mother-hive of the New Englanders of the name. — Walt Whitman, "Specimen Days"
  • Examples of names
    1. To complicate matters, father and sons changed their names to 'Bigg-Wither', while the girls strong-mindedly kept to their simple original 'Bigg'.
  • Examples of named
    1. Walter Morrison invented an orbiculate dish named the Frisbee in 1955.
    2. Just as steel, the new high-tech metal, allowed the rise of the skyscraper, Pfizer’s 1966 discovery of the methylbenzodioxepinone molecule, trade-named Calone, with its fresh marine/ozonic scent, allowed the creation of the oceanic scents of the ’90s.
    3. We knew it was named after John Smith, but nobody knows which particular John Smith.
    4. Feist named the album “The Reminder” as “a pivotable riddle: something that could change and feed in and didn’t necessarily have a concrete point to it,” she more or less explained.
    5. Then it was on to the Dolls; a solo career as blue-eyed soul shouter; Buster Poindexter; and his postmillennium backwoods-music project, David Johansen and the Harry Smiths, named for the compiler of the Anthology of American Folk Music.
    6. A chap named Eleazir Kendrick and I had chummed in together the summer afore and built a fish-weir and shanty at Setuckit Point, down Orham way. For a spell we done pretty well.
    7. It was written by a fellow named Hans S. Tommerholt, and I apologize to you all, but there's actually a slashy thing through the first "o" in his last name,
    8. The outfit there, led by a man named Angelino who insisted on drinking wine while training, is superauthentic and super-romantic.
    9. Punching her in the head is not an option, not even after Josie joins her bosom buddy, a superimportant rock star named Raquel, for their Mexican getaway.
  • Examples of naming
    1. 1989: ‘By God, you speak our British language, as we must now call it since the new naming of our kingdom, with a fine accent and fluminous smoothness,’ Dick Burbage said. — Anthony Burgess, The Devil's Mode
    2. According to anthropology, there are six basic patterns of kinship terminology (i.e., "kin naming systems"): Sudanese, Hawaiian, Eskimo, Crow, Omaha, and Iroquois.
    3. Wikipedia article on the naming of organic compounds.
    4. Wikipedia article on the naming of inorganic compounds.
    5. “I have 60 different lachenalias, 10 different freesias, 25 moraeas,” Mr. Canning said, naming a few of his beauties, which, mixed in with big pots of camellias, will bloom from now through March.
    6. naming the problem ‎
    7. The Red Book is the standard reference book for those naming inorganic chemical compounds.
    8. To alleviate the problem of naming genes, reannotation of genes and proteins using a set of common, controlled vocabulary to describe a gene or protein is necessary.
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