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    1. It was in the form of an equilateral triangle with the corners rounded and was made of blue cloisonné bordered in silver. — The Ruined Map translated by E. Dale Saunders in 1969 from the Japanese by Kobo Abé in 1967.
    2. The best progress is made by combining the practice of coöperation with the science of coöperation. They are one and inseparable to the fullest benefit. But the real way to coöperate is to coöperate.
    3. The pirates made him walk the plank, sent him down to Davy Jones.
    4. It was not by the aid of mules and porters, sedans and sledges, that the hero of Carthage made his entrée into Italy.
    5. The state bed of Sobieski, King of Poland, was made of Smyrna gold brocade embroidered in turquoises with verses from the Koran.
    6. There are also concerns about the durability of nitinol, an alloy made from nickel and titanium.
    7. He played AA ball for years, but never made it to the bigs.
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