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    1. July 4, 1776, is a historic date. A great deal of historical research has been done on the events leading up to that day. ‎
    2. The historical works of Lord Macaulay and Edward Gibbon are in and of themselves historic. ‎
    3. Hagiography, the historical genre which is the subject of this week's seminar, comprises narratives concerned with the saints and their achievements, especially the miracles which God has performed through them and on their behalf.
    4. The historical present is often treated as a principal tense, but there are exceptions and sometimes both constructions appear in the same passage.
    5. The historical development of skill in foreshortening will be demonstrated in another section. Only the more perfect phases will be treated here.
    6. EB: We live in a special time of awakening. This is a historical moment for Egypt DS: In which many see you as a kind of messiah. EB: I neither can nor want to be a savior.
    7. historical-political
    8. its part is to exhibit the historical circumstances under which the colonists as a 'free people,' had thrust upon them the high obligation of defending the imprescriptible rights of all men.
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