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    1. Furthermore, the Todd genus has to be multiplicative in a way that reflects the multiplicativity of the arithmetic genus, and so it should be a multiplicative sequence in the sense of [8].
    2. "Theism" belongs to that genus of disease in which morphinism, caffeinism, and vanillaism belong.
    3. the type of a genus, family, etc. ‎
    4. A zyzzyva is a weevil of the genus Zyzzyva.
    5. Female spiders of one agribiont genus, Pardosa (Lycosidae), which are hunting spiders, were found to be in better condition in landscapes dominated by arable crops [62 ].
    6. Analysis of the combined molecular and morphological data furthermore supported a cyclorhagid clade which included all traditional cyclorhagid taxa, except Dracoderes that no longer should be considered a cyclorhagid genus.
    7. This genus exemplifies some of the prevailing taxonomic uncertainties in halocyprids.
  • Examples of genera
    1. There are only two genera and species of seadragons.
    2. to range plants and animals in genera and species
    3. In the last part of his paper Przibram calls attention to the characteristic, striking tendency to homœosis in certain genera of Crustacea and insects.
    4. We also studied the female internal system for a species in the subgenus Aphaenops (Cerbaphaenops), and two species belonging to two other genera, one endogean (Geotrechus) and one epigean (Trechus).
    5. On various Anthemideae genera. 3 Antennae with 8, occasionally 9 flagellomeres.
    6. The latter clade represents a new kinorhynch class, and accommodates Dracoderes, Franciscideres, a yet undescribed genus which is closely related with Franciscideres, and the traditional homalorhagid genera.
    7. The madanins have an extended N-terminal region compared with peptides from the other genera while the hyalomins and the D.
    8. A chequerwise arrangement of the species belonging to the former Rimicaris and Chorocaris within Rimicaridinae gives additional evidence for their genetic similarity and thus synonimising both genera.
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