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    1. He really threw me a curve when he asked me a personal question at work.
    2. Toyota used to be a company with foresight, always ready to take action, but now they have fallen very far behind the curve.
    3. 4. The temperature curve of diurnal birds is essentially similar to that of man and other homœothermal mammals, except that the maxima occur earlier in the after noon and the minima earlier in the morning.
    4. Der p 2-mediated facilitation of TLR4 signalling under conditions of very low ambient LPS exposure, those associated with increasing rates of atopy and aeroallergy, may thus shift the LPS-response curve into the T H 2-inducing range.
    5. This warming is also implied by the decreasing percentage of cryophilous pollen taxa like Ericaceae and climbing trend of the δ 18 O curve in other paleoclimate records of the East Asia [10 ,46 ] (Fig 6 ), when the summer insolation is increasing.
    6. As shown in Fig 5A , no fluorescence dequenching was detected when cells individually expressing HPIV3 F protein or vector were incubated with R18-labeled RBCs in this assay (hotpink curve or green curve).
    7. The curve has the highest slope when the FRET efficiency is 0.5 and the interchromophore distance is close to R 0 .
    8. The interdenticle grooves of the serrated carinae are quite shallow and slightly curve ventrally towards the central region of crown [ …]
    9. In addition, AIS patients were shown to have a distinct asymmetrical intravertebral deformity with its maximum being in the apical region of the curve.
  • Examples of curves
    1. Finally, we apply this result to obtain results concerning certain cuspidalization problems for fundamental groups of (not necessarily proper) hyperbolic curves over finite fields..
    2. The nearly continuous light curves with micromagnitude precision provided by the space mission Kepler are revolutionising our view of pulsating stars.
    3. First, we improved resolution to produce more satisfying regional boundaries (better approximation of curves) by reslicing the atlas into 0.5 mm space before splitting it into slices in each of the three orthogonal directions.
    4. We therefore seek a method for response-function normalization method which involves manipulating empirical curves that result from unconstrainted empirical fits of the corrected survivorship data.
    5. For each panel, the displayed curves correspond to the higher concentration of the analyte, both for hproNGF WT and mutants, in order to compare the proneurotrophins on the same antibody.
    6. Let alone live in a house designed with the delicate curves of a butterfly wing, like one Victorian superhouse overlooking the wilds of the Bass Strait.
    7. Our results suggest some natural extensions of the embedding line theorem of Abhyankar-Moh and of the Nagata-Coolidge problem to the case of unicuspidal curves of P1 x P1..
  • Examples of curved
    1. He might orchestrate the curved lines into stepped, hivelike hills [ … ] .
    2. For some, the attraction may be the new Yankee Stadium, a billion-dollar multiblock public-private behemoth whose curved bleachers are even now rising across East 161st Street from its older cousin.
    3. Mr. Moore ran copper cresting in the form of anthemion leaves around the top of a bay window on the side of the house, and he put low, curved eyebrow dormers on either side of the third-floor gable.
    4. The arrow descended in a curved line. ‎
    5. 1893, A large curved retort was boiling furiously in the bluish flame of a Bunsen burner, and the distilled drops were condensing into a two-litre measure. — Arthur Conan Doyle, ‘The Naval Treaty’ (Norton 2005, p.670)
    6. There is a soft-mat seat (which originally had a palm fiber underwebbing) supported by three curved transverse braces.
    7. Carpels ca. 120 per flower; ovary 1.4–1.7 × ca. 0.3 mm, densely covered with golden-brown hairs; stigmas and pseudostyles flagellate, ca.8.5 mm long, L-shaped curved in the middle, yellowish in vivo, blackish when dry, glabrous, tip awl-shaped.
  • Examples of curving
    1. Now we plunged into a deep shade with the boughs lacing each other overhead, and crossed dainty, rustic bridges [ …] : or anon we shot into a clearing, with a colored glimpse of the lake and its curving shore far below us.
    2. 1934: the piano curving like a conch, corollas giving out diapasons of light — Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer 1961: he could hear nothing except the rattle of the crickets and the swelling diapason of the frogs — Graham Greene, A Burnt-Out Case
    3. France's own stand-in stand-off Trinh-Duc missed with a drop-goal when well set but then set off on a curving run through a scattered defensive line which carried him deep into enemy territory until Weepu's desperate tap-tackle finally brought him down.
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