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  • Examples of check
    1. Place a check by the things you have done.
    2. I was not carrying cash, so I wrote a check for the amount.
    3. I summoned the waiter, paid the check, and hurried to leave.
    4. The hockey player gave a good hard check to obtain the puck.
    5. a check given for baggage; a return check on a railroad
    6. Check the oil in your car once a month.
    7. Check whether this page has a watermark.
    8. Check the correct answer to each question.
    9. Check your enthusiasm during a negotiation.
    10. Check your data against known values.
    11. Check your hat and coat at the door.
  • Examples of checks
    1. The waitress was at her station preparing three checks. ‎
    2. the store doesn't take checks ‎; she wouldn't take any money for her help ‎; do you take credit? ‎
    3. Aneroid and electronic instruments, decalibrate easily and frequently and require routine accuracy checks.
    4. He needed someone to blame for the bus accident, so took aim at the mechanics who failed to carry out the checks. ‎
    5. There are seven checks left in the book.
    6. He checks the bin for more potatoes.
    7. The can was seized soon thereafter, and as the judge's trial got under way, an IRS lab was remoisturizing the ashes and reconstructing checks.
    8. Purified RNA resuspended to 1μg/μl in water and stored as subaliquots at -80°C. Agilent microarray analysis of polyadenylated RNA RNA quality checks, cDNA preparation and Microarray analysis were performed at the DUKE IGSP Microarray Facility.
  • Examples of checked
    1. I checked it out, and there were some good - if whiskery - stories.
    2. We searched unmethodically through the piles of boxes, grabbing them at random and losing track of which ones we had checked before.
    3. Well, I checked everything and I think it's wired up correctly, so I guess all that's left is to turn it on. Here goes nothing!"
    4. Cars must be checked on a yearly basis.
    5. The bombardier then checked the gyroscopic stabilization of the bombsight and clutched in the electrical motor.
    6. He checked the ball and then proceeded to perform a perfect layup.
    7. The hockey player checked the defenceman to obtain the puck.
    8. Tom didn't think he could win, so he checked.
    9. I haven't checked the oil level of my car's motor since I lost the dipstick three months ago.
  • Examples of checking
    1. Do not leave without checking each and every door to make sure it is locked.
    2. If the author uses such notation, it should be up to Em to indicate Eir intentions clearly, but there's no harm checking first.
    3. The Allied and the enemy submarine played a game of cat and mouse, checking up on each other's whereabouts and strategies.
    4. Withdraw $5000 from checking and put it into savings.
    5. A false positive can be returned on a password checking algorithm when the password is tested against a dictionary but the password does not contain a dictionary word.
    6. The prover belongs to a family of checking devices, Turing machines or sequences of these, that are capable of establishing the probable correctness of solutions for very large classes of problems.
    7. My boss never lets me get on with my work. He's always breathing down my neck and checking up on me.
    8. The library assistant was checking people out.
    9. He was hanging out at the beach, checking out the young women in bikinis.
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