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  • Examples of attention
    1. DEPENDING on who is doing the talking, fashion is bourgeois, girly, unfeminist, conformist, elitist, frivolous, anti-intellectual and a cultural stepchild barely worth the attention paid to even the most minor arts.
    2. His cries for attention went unnoted.
    3. The character, however, of which the assumed name is truly expressive, deserves from us no unrespectful attention; we shall best possess our readers of it by laying before them one or two passages from the preface.
    4. Bill Clinton lavished attention on California during his presidency, forging friendships with (unstodgy) movie stars, moguls and high-tech billionaires.
    5. You can be sure of our unvarying attention.
    6. Despite the darkened walls and conservationally correct dim lights, nearly all of these works are attention grabbers that first look naïve and awkward and then start to unfold, revealing a sustaining intuitive intelligence.
  • Examples of attentions
    1. delicate behaviour; delicate attentions; delicate thoughtfulness
    2. He was just as polite in his attentions as if the unplaned seat had been a carved chair of graceful shape and pattern.
    3. ... it left, however, a bee at his ear and an itch to transfer the buzzer's attentions and tease his darling; for she had betrayed herself as right good game.
    4. At an early point in these exchanges I had started to sidle to the door, and I now sidled through it, rather like a diffident crab on some sandy beach trying to avoid the attentions of a child with a spade.
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