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    1. The naturalized Norway maple often outcompetes the native North American sugar maple.
    2. Coca-Cola Enterprises took a $2.9 billion noncash charge in the fourth quarter to account for the diminished book value of its North American franchises.
    3. The North American continental divide runs along the Rockies.
    4. That p.o.s. is being released because it has boob-jiggles, and the Brains at ADV assume that North American fandumb still consists solely of teens looking for animated boob-jiggles.
    5. One of the peculiarities of kogaionids is thus the presence of particularly primitive characters relative to other mainland contemporaries of the Northern hemisphere (e.g., North American taeniolabidoids and ptilodontoids and Asian djadochtatherioids).
    6. These differences appear to be related to variation between related East Asian and North American strains in the synthesis of rhizobitoxine [ 8 ].
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