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  • Untouched may refer to "Untouched" (Angel), an episode of the television series Angel "Untouched" (song), a 2007 song by The Veronicas a type of pirated movie release; see Pirated movie release types#Release formats
  • AdjectiveCOMmore untouchedSUPmost untouched
    1. Remaining in its original, pristine state, undamaged.
      1. There are practically no untouched forests left in Europe. ‎
    2. Not eaten.
      1. He left his vegetables untouched. ‎
    3. Not influenced, affected or swayed.
      1. She was untouched by his tale of woes. ‎
    4. Not having come in contact.
      1. Our chocolates are untouched by human hands. ‎
    5. Not talked about.
      1. Politics was an untouched topic in our family. ‎
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      • Untouched third molars were extracted and decoronated and a cavity was made with a homemade mold as demonstrated in Figure 1 .

Meaning of untouched for the defined word.

Grammatically, this word "untouched" is an adjective.
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