thorough meaning

  • In 17th century England, Thorough was a name given by Thomas Wentworth,
  • NounPLthoroughsPREthorough-
    1. (Britain, dialect) A furrow between two ridges, to drain off the surface water.
    2. AdjectiveCOMmore thoroughSUPmost thorough
      1. painstaking and careful not to miss or omit any detail.
        1. The Prime Minister announced a thorough investigation into the death of a father of two in police custody.
        2. He is the most thorough worker I have ever seen.
        3. The infested house needs a thorough cleansing before it will be inhabitable.
      2. utter; complete; absolute.
        1. It is a thorough pleasure to see him beg for mercy.
    3. Preposition
      1. OBS Through.
      2. More Examples
        1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
          • Now this is not the way to get a house in order. What this place needs is a real thorough old-fashioned cleaning. A lick and a promise won't do, no, sir!
          • To evaluate the cardiac safety of luseogliflozin, a thorough QT/QTc study was conducted in healthy Japanese subjects.
          • Solomon had a thorough contempt for slothful, slack-handed farming, and lost no opportunity of giving drowsy ignorance a view of its own deformity, and its own certain fate.

      Meaning of thorough for the defined word.

      Grammatically, this word "thorough" is an adjective. It's also a noun, more specifically, a countable noun. It's also a preposition.
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