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  • Significance can refer to: The meaning of a certain thing Meaning In semiotics, the meaning assigned to a sign Significance (magazine), a magazine published by the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association Significance (policy debate), a stock issue in policy debate
  • NounPLsignificancesSUF-ance
    1. The extent to which something matters; importance.
      1. As a juror your opinion is of great significance for the outcome of the trial.
    2. Meaning.
      1. the significance of a gesture
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    1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
      • Given the power under a certain significance level, we can also calculate the noncentrality parameter τ 2 , which indicates the amount of difference that a test could detect.
      • Despite the lack of significance in these results at the individual microorganismal level, P.
      • T3 modulation of GABA A receptors therefore has a plausible significance in normal physiology, and apparent relevance to dysthyroid states.
    2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
      • Inundated by too many of them, we tend to ignore them completely, to accept them blithely, to disbelieve them closemindedly, or simply to misinterpret their significance.
      • Indeed, SNPs diversity may cover various level of informativity, which remains for the time-being poorly explored at the statistical level, in particular concerning epistatic mutations significance.

Meaning of significance for the defined word.

Grammatically, this word "significance" is a noun, more specifically, a countable noun.
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