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    1. plural of region.
      1. (Ireland, Britain, definite: the regions) the rest of the country excluding the capital city or metropolitan region.
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          • However, in quail, increased VEGF signalling causes endocardial cell hyperplasia in the dorsal mesocardium region and affects heart development [29 ].
          • Because the topography and development of the land changed so much in the floods, the region had to be remapped.
          • The volume and mean cross-sectional area of nasopharynx, velopharynx and glossopharynx region showed significant difference.
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          • After RSE treatment for 90 days, there was no comparable fibrosis in noninfarct and infarct regions.
          • On examination a solitary nodule, which used to bleed on slightest trauma, was seen over an area of atrophic looking dyspigmented 8 × 10 cm plaque, situated in the interscapular region.
          • The severity of PPF reflects host immunogenic response and degree of infection, which amplify splenic volume and consequently increase hyperflux in the spleno-portal region.

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