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  • Ones can refer to: Ones (Selena album) The Ones, New York electronia group "The Ones (30 Rock)," 30 Rock episode In music, single bars of alternating solos (as in "trading ones"), see Rhythm section#Musical roles
  • NounBFone
    1. plural of one.
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        • During this process it is possible that additional mutations occur in one of the transformed cells, which then may result in a subclone of cells with a more aggressive behavior.
        • Men often work in unison to accomplish political or religious reforms. This is coöperative effort of one kind.
        • i definitely want to try FiGi one night, but their parties start @ 2am, and its[sic] such a taco fest bc they only let girls in and you have to be like HOT bc the guys are fucking gorgeous.
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        • One study in the US modeled a 54% reduction in nonbacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia in adults 65 years and older in states that had achieved over 80% vaccination coverage in children under two years.
        • One of the keys to success in business is never to take your eye off the ball.
        • One confused festgoer offers money for brew, but the sixtyish volunteer waves it off.
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        • You will find the term defined at the end of Roman one.
        • The often-found stenophagy in local populations of euryphagous species may indicate the emergence of stenophagous forms from euryphagous ones.
        • In contrast to developments, a superdevelopment from a term M allows not only residuals of redexes in M to be reduced but also some newly created ones.

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    Grammatically, this word "ones" is a noun, more specifically, a noun form.
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