notice meaning

  • Notice is the legal concept in which a party is made aware of a legal process affecting their rights,
  • NounPLnoticesSUF-ice
    1. (chiefly uncountable) The act of observing; perception.
      1. He took no notice of the changes, and went on as though nothing had happened. ‎
    2. NC A written or printed announcement.
      1. Shall we post a notice about the new policy? ‎
      2. I always read the death notices in the paper. ‎
    3. NC A formal notification or warning.
      1. The sidewalk adjacent to the damaged bridge stonework shall be closed until further notice.
    4. (chiefly uncountable) Advance notification of termination of employment, given by an employer to an employee or vice versa.
      1. I gave her her mandatory two weeks' notice and sacked her. ‎
      2. I can't work here any longer. I'm giving notice. ‎
    5. NC A published critical review of a play or the like.
      1. NU Prior notification.
        1. I don't mind if you want to change the venue; just give me some notice first, OK? ‎
      2. (dated) Attention; respectful treatment; civility.
      3. VerbSGnoticesPRnoticingPT, PPnoticed
        1. VT To observe or take notice of.
          1. VT To detect; to perceive with the mind.
            1. I noticed that the dog hadn't barked the night of the murder. ‎
        2. More Examples
          1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
            • From the start of their strange and embattled marriage, they established a pattern of suddenly pulling up stakes with little notice to family members or neighbors.
            • He was too busy exploring to notice his son needed his guidance. ‎
            • We are so good that it is almost impossible to unrecognize a face in order to notice the asymmetries that help us first recognize it.
          2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
            • As can be witnessed in a performance of that work by Fleisher, it is indeed a dazzling display piece in which, if it is only heard and not seen, its one-handedness might evade listeners' notice.
            • The lioness has to creep up behind her prey so as not to be noticed.
            • I realized that I wanted to paint pictures of horses like Sir Alfred. On the last day of the exhibition at Wildenstein, I went in to see my boss and gave my notice.

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        Grammatically, this word "notice" is a noun, more specifically, a countable noun and a singularia tantum. It's also a verb, more specifically, a transitive verb.
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