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  • Creator is something or someone that brings something into being. It may also refer to: Creator deity, a deity responsible for creating the universe Inventor, one who creates a new device or method A person who does creative work An adherent of the Church of the Creator, a "new age" religion
  • NounPLcreatorsSUF-ator
    1. Something or someone which creates or makes something.
      1. Kenneth E. Iverson was the creator of APL.
    2. (religion) The deity that created the world.
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        • Kitty White was born in the suburbs of London in 1974 after creator Yuko Shimizu, who worked for Sanrio, decided to capitalise on the vogueishness of foreign lands in Japan at the time.
        • The creators of the griffin — half eagle, half lion — were early paleontologists who didn’t quite have their genuses straight and put the fossilized bones in the wrong place.

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    Grammatically, this word "creator" is a noun, more specifically, a countable noun and an agent noun.
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