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    1. INF (with definite article) The United States.
      1. The structure will house the United States Army signal corps office which maintains radio and cable communication between Alaska and the States
    2. (Guernsey) The States of Guernsey.
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        • A new state constitutional convention could not limit individual liberties, according to the proconvention group Con Con for Court Reform.
        • One study in the US modeled a 54% reduction in nonbacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia in adults 65 years and older in states that had achieved over 80% vaccination coverage in children under two years.
        • A recent biological inventory uncovered 41 species and 2 subspecies of insects new to science and many species not before identified in the State of Washington.
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        • State collection and dissemination have been abstracted away from the application by the common-map abstraction.
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        • Alaska didn't attain statehood until 1959 when it became the 49th state of the United States.
        • For pump energies below the charge transfer gap, photon absorption by phonon assisted multimagnon excitation feeds energy directly into the magnetic system which is brought to a non-equilibrium state.
        • T3 modulation of GABA A receptors therefore has a plausible significance in normal physiology, and apparent relevance to dysthyroid states.

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    Grammatically, this word "States" is a noun, more specifically, a proper noun.
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