Word of the day
  1. Noun
    • (card games) An act of renouncing.
  2. Verb
    • (transitive) To give up, resign, surrender, atsake.
    • (transitive) To cast off, repudiate; to.
    • (transitive) To decline further association with someone or something, disown.
    • (transitive) To abandon, forsake, discontinue (an action, habit, intention, etc), sometimes by open declaration.
    • (intransitive) To make a renunciation of something.
    • (intransitive) To surrender formally some right or trust.
    • (intransitive, card games) To fail to follow suit; playing a card of a different suit when having no card of the suit led.
Picture of the day
auxiliary bishop

Sentence of the day
  • This camera, like the Kodak, is also shaped like a mini-S.L.R. and has a stabilized superzoom lens (10X).